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NAME                            Suchada  Sakornsatian

DATE OF BIRTH           3 December 1948

AGE                               62 years old

RELIGION                      Bhuddish

SEX                                 Female


HOME ADDRESS          100/475 Cholladda Village, Bangkruay

                                        Cainoi Rd. Bangbuathong, Ninthaburi,

                                        11110 , Thailand

OFFICE                           Excellent Center, Srithunya Psychiatric Hospital

                                      Department of Mental Health, Ministry of

                                      Public Health, Tivanond Rd., Nonthaburi,










1972 - 1975

MahidolUniversity, Bangkok, Thailand

Bsc.(Physical Therapy)

1973 - 1976

Boston University, Mass., U.S.A.

M.O.T.(Master of Occupational Therapy)





1.    Short course on “Medical Education for Public Health Personnel, Chulalongkorn hospital

2.    Short course for Policy Makers and Senior Strategies, Health College: Competencies in International Health Functions, Chulalongkorn University

3.    Managing Negotiations for Health Development, WHO to Thailand

4.    Resettlement Program for Psychiatric Patients, UWIC, Cadiff, U.K.

5.    Diploma program on Public Economic Administration, Prapokloa Institute




1976 – 1995            Division of Mental Health, Department of

                                  Medical Services, Ministry of Public

                                  Health, Thailand.

1996 –  2009           Department of Mental Health, Ministry

                                  of Public Health, Thailand

2009 –  2012          Somdetchoapraya Institute of Psychiatry

2012 –  Present     Srithunya Psychiatric Hospital





1976 - 1994

Occupational Therapist

Planning and developing

Psychosocial rehabilita-

tion services for psychiatric hospitals.

1994 - 1997

Chief of academic development section

Mental health technical

planning and development

1997 - 1999

Deputy Director,

Mental Health Planning Division

Mental health policy planning

1999 - 2001

Director, Psychiatric Service Development Section

Technology development to support psychiatric services and psychosocial services

2001 -2009


Deputy Director, Bureau

Of Mental Health Technical Development

Assist Director in both

Administrative and technical area.

2009- present

Consultant, Somdetchoapraya Institute of Psychiatry

Provide support to Rehabilitation Department in order to develop work rehabilitation for mental illness.





1.    Most of the works are related to psychosocial rehabilitation in both hospital based and community based. The tasks are involved personnel development and service planning program. The halfway house and vocational rehabilitation for chronic psychiatric patients is also initiated and expand throughout the country.

2.    Involved in developing of VCT for HIV/AIDS : TOT training Package, as well as being an training organizer for this package. It was the project in collaboration with WHO/SEARO.

3.    Special lecturer for Occupational Therapy Bachelor degree program on Psychosocial Rehabilitation at Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medical Science, Chiangmai University

4.    Consultant to the project on establishment Occupational Therapy School, Mahidol University’

5.    Involved in developing Community-based Mental Health Project in Thailand, which encourage community participation to plan mental health promotion activities in community by community people.

6.    Involved in the Workshop – preparation on Mental Health Promotion 14 – 15 October 2005 , WHO/SEARO, New Delhi

7.    Organizer and participants in Regional Consultation on Mental Health Promotion at Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand 17-19 November 2005

8.    Researcher in the project of “ Study on Development of Special Psychosocial Skills Intervention based on Counseling to Reduce malnutrition” in collaboration of WHO/SEARO

9.     Researcher in the project “ Multi centered Study on Child Development “ WHO/SEARO.

10.            Involve in developing of DP&R project of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists since beginning to become package.



1.    Member of American Occupational Therapist Association

2.    Thai Delegate in World Federation of Occupational Therapist

3.    Ex President of Thailand Occupational Therapist Ass

4.    PCo’ International Cooperation, World Federation o Occupational Therapists

5.    Committee member of World Federation of Mental Health Board of Director



1.    Manual for Psychosocial Occupational Therapy This is the materials for in service training of Occupational Therapists who are working in Psychiatric Hospitals in Thailand. 1998

2.    Manual for Community-based Rehabilitation : Strange Behaviour section, Thai Version. This is based on WHO manual, which was developed in The Disable year. It was adapt to be implement in Thai society. It is also available in Chinese version.

3.    The Pilot Project on Halfway House, Journal of Mental Health of Thailand, Vol.9 No.3 September 2001

4.    Manual on how to establish Halfway House for Psychiatric Patient  The halfway house was implemented as a pilot project in  Surathani Psychiatric hospital in the southern part of Thailand. The manual was developed in order to expand the project all over Thailand.

5.    The study of 30 Baht scheme Effected to Mental Health Services : Document for Fulfillment of Diploma in Public Economics Administration, Prapokloa Institute

6.    Manual on Community based Program for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

7.    Resettlement Program in Thailand




Srithanya Hospital